The Sisters

Biracial Sisters from Dallas, Texas gather ’round and reminisce, bitch, rant, and rave about everything from Politics to Spirits. ┬áTune in each week to be on the edge of your seat or to laugh so hard that you’ll have to wipe the tears away, but usually a combination of both.

Meet The Sisters…

Erin is the oldest sister. She’s all about Wine and Cheeses this Summer…and most days. Interested in Pop Culture, Sports, and Movies.

Meagan is the middle sister. She’s the free spirit of the family. She’s got Meagan’s Spiritual Corner, health updates, and the latest on how the Trump Administration is going to get us killed, aka politics.

Kristen is the youngest sister. She’s the strange one. Always talking about dogs and how much she loves them. Likes to talk about anything.