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DAMN, Girl. Don’t shame me.

Body image, positivity, acceptance. The Sisters are getting real about their insecurities. Dallas WFFA Traffic Reporter Demetria Obilor recently had to defend her body against shamers. This sparked a real and raw conversation about their bodies, image, health, and behaviors between the Sisters. 

The Sisters read listener body confessions, confess the first time we went on a diet, and discuss how insecurities are the new STD/I. Meagan shares the age she was the first time she went on diet, Kristen details how she will disassemble the Patriarchy, and Erin realizes she’s the bitchy sister. Dog videos on the internet do in fact add value to your life. 

Why are Women getting Dogs instead of getting married? Why don’t we talk about men’s body insecurities? Why do we only associate health with weight? What about drinkers, smokers, etc.? 

Bonus: Do you hear Meagan pour wine during the episode? Typical. DAMN, Girl!

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DAMN, Girl. I want my liver back.

Happy Halloween! This is the DAMN, Girl Halloween Episode!
The sisters are covering all things spooky. Costumes from childhood, pranking trick-or-treaters, and ghost stories we told as kids, including the classic Story of Johnny and the Liver.

Meagan shares stories of her days working at the Historic and Haunted St. Anthony Luxury Hotel in Downtown San Antonio. Erin helps to recall the Hairy Man Rd. legend from Round Rock, TX. And Kristen shares the story of the Austin, TX Servant Girl Murders.

Of course, The Sisters bring it all home with their DAMN, Girl Moments of the Week, with Kristen sharing exactly why she’s learned Wal-Mart trips are just the absolute worst.

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DAMN, Girl. You can get it.

It’s been awhile since the sisters last talked, so they had a lot to say. From Bella Hadid and Eminem, Cam Newton, Harvey Weinstein to the Las Vegas Shooting and Gun Regulation. We’re doing all the talking. The Sisters talk about how gun violence has become much more real since the murder of Campus Police Officer Floyd East Jr., at their alma mater Texas Tech University.
This episode was recorded while enjoying a 2014 Chardonnay from Toad Hollow Vineyards.

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DAMN, Girl. Your Hair.

This week the Sisters delve into biracial beauty. We’re talkin hair, skin, and make up only to find out we’re some low maintenance girls. And we’re shoutin out to Cardi B for becoming No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100! We also talk about Rihanna’s new makeup line “Fenty”, the NFL protests being misconstrued, the Cowboys and Jerry Jones’ cop-out stunt, Kardashian pregnancy rumors, and so much more.

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Outro by Matt & Phil from Semi Intellectual Musings Podcast.

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DAMN, Girl You cold as ice

The Sisters are back and they’re ready for some football! After discussing some Texas Tech and Dallas Cowboys Football, the Sisters jump talk about the attempted lynching of a New Hampshire boy, Kenneka Jenkins mysterious death, the New Apple iPhone releases, and more News.

The Sisters discuss pulling pranks on each other, #prettygirlproblems, and effective communication. The Sisters share their Office Girl Tips numbers 2 and 3. And how anxious they get while at work. For her DAMN, Girl moment of the week, Kristen reveals her hilarious road rage incident. Listen to hear a real conversation between 3 average sisters and pick your side! Are you an Erin, Meagan, or a Kristen? Share which one you are with us on Twitter at @DamnGirlPodcast.

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DAMN, Girl I said No

The Sisters discuss Hurricane Harvey and the devastation it left behind in their home state of Texas. The Sisters also discuss the VMAs, Mayweather v. McGregor Fight and men and how they react to being told ‘No’.

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DAMN, Girl You sound like a Millennial

The Sisters tackle the myriad of issues that the violence in Charlottesville brought up. Most importantly, the Sisters discuss what being biracial in today’s world is like.

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DAMN, Girl Ep. 12

The Pharma Bro Verdict is in, Meagan really doesn’t like employers Chipping their employees. The Google Manifesto causes the discussion to get heated, but the Sisters might have made a breakthrough! The Bachelorette is over and Meagan invites you into her Spiritual Corner.

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DAMN, Girl Ep.10

Buckle in Y’all. Episode 10 of DAMN, Girl will have you rollin’! We introduce our Women’s tips for the office and what it means to be a ‘Vacation Rallier’.  The sisters give props to Kyrie for his power move over LeBron. Meagan shares her story about getting played outside a bowling alley.

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DAMN, Girl Ep.9

The sisters discuss Dallas Cowboys Ezekiel Elliott, the R. Kelly sex scandal, Michael Jackson, Donald Trump calling John McCain “Crusty”, Health insurance in America, and the shooting of Justine Diamond.

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DAMN, Girl Ep. 7

Rob puts Chyna on Blast, the girls reminisce about their college days, and Meagan teaches us about Feminine Wiles.

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DAMN, Girl Ep.6

We recap the BET Awards and the Joe Budden/ Migos beef, Health Insurance in the US is a joke, and our DAMN, Girl moments of the week.
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DAMN, Girl Ep.5

Erin dubs Summer 2017, the summer of cheeses and wine.  Otto Warmbier’s passing.  We missed our chance to visit Cuba. And we learn that coconut oil is basically crisco and Meagan is devastated.

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DAMN, Girl Ep.4

Happy Loving Day! Join us with Episode 4 and our thoughts on Beyonce hiding her twins, “Disconnected” Weddings, Kristen’s story of being grabbed at a night club, and the debate: Lyft or Uber?
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DAMN, Girl Ep.3

Millennials. Why do we have such a negative connotation in the work place? All we want is a good patio and a good happy hour.
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